Organic and Healthy Alternatives

Like so many of my fellow college students who wake up far too late to make a balanced nutritious breakfast, I am a huge fan of Pop Tarts. Smores are my fave. Their down side: 8 million grams of fat and sugar (I’m rounding) and whatever else they shove into those shiny silver packages. Its kinda gross, especially when you eat a family size box in two days…(guilty). But I have found a glimmer of hope! We here at Caster got some samplings of Nature’s Path products so I decided to do some research on what they’ve got going on. Lo and behold they make healthy toaster pastries!!! Totally organic, has real fruit fillings, and low sodium. They’ve got apple cinnamon, brown sugar maple cinnamon, bluberry, cherry chocolate stripe…and you can get them with or without frosting.


Oh boy, they’ve got cereal, bread, waffles, snacks, bars, baking mixes, kids stuff…and all different types and flavors. If youre looking for some organic and healthy alternatives I definitely suggest checking out their website. They have the ingredients and nutirition facts for each product on the website, and you can make purchases from the site as well. The best part about the site though is they have sections that explain organics, sustainability, and some tips on living healthier.

For all you local Rhode Islanders they have product on Main Street in Wakefield at the Alternative Food Co-op and Daves Marketplace in North Kingstown. Providence, Smithfield, and Newport also have stores carrying Nature’s Path goodies. They’re all over the world so to find a store near you check out the Where to Buy section of their site. After you try it leave us a comment about your favorite Nature’s Path snack!

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  1. The key to success in the fight to save the environment is to set goals and commit to making changes slowly. A man can live longer with food than he can with a lack of water.

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