Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth: Organic Easter Eggs

Last night we dyed our Easter eggs in tradition of the fairly odd Easter holiday. I’m not so sure I’m that fond of the over sized, rather scraggly looking bunny wearing a vest with the hugest teeth I’ve ever seen, but I really like chocolate and I love coloring eggs. This year my mom tried something new and we made organic earth friendly Easter eggs.

This is what we did. First we bough local, organic white eggs. This may seems simple but it was not. The reason we only did them last night was my mom had a lot of trouble finding white organic eggs. We hard-boiled them. Then using vegetable coloring coloring my mom got at Whole Foods we dipped each eggs into varying shades of red, pink, yellow, blues, and green. For some of the eggs we used an organic soap to make designs before we dipped them to keep the dye from penetrating the eggshell in that spot. They came out cool. I know today is Easter but I only post on Sunday but maybe you can do this anyway. It was very fun.

Posted by Abby: age 5 years 11 months 3 days…and counting


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