Stackable, Packable, Livable- Innovation in recycled housing

Awhile back I posted a blog about some really awesome eco-friendly homes. Well this list from MSN also has some pretty sweet recycled digs so I thought I would give you all a heads up. All of the homes on this list are made from shipping containers. Architects and designers are using the sturdy boxes in new and innovative ways to create beautiful and comfortable homes for people. The list includes full fledged homes with numerous rooms, stair cases, pools, the works; as well as office complexes, relief shelters, movable/packable homes and condos. My favorite on the list is in Amsterdam, where a complex of containers houses 1000 students. Going to URI, I hear about how hard it is to find places to live on campus all the time, and how crummy the dorms can be. The students who live in this cube complex each get a bathroom, balcony, kitchen, bedroom, study room, central heating, high speed Internet, plenty of sunlight, and bike parking. The article also describes them as “well insulated, surprisingly quiet and comfortable”. keetwonenConsidering the cut in costs to build the complex, I’m sure rent is less expensive than the average on campus apartment.Using the shipping containers not only frees up some dump space, but also cuts down on labor costs and material costs. They are mold, termite and fire resistant. And since we are running out of room to spread out, maybe these new designs can help us stack up. Check out MSN for a look at some real beauties in the shipping container housing market!

Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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