Green Building Perspectives: ‘g’ Green Design Center

Continuing once again with our Green Building Perspective series, this week Nicole Goldman, owner and founder of the ‘g’ Green Design Center was kind enough to provide us with some answers on their role in the project and green design.

‘g’ Green Design Center is showroom and retail shop dedicated to providing accessible, affordable and stylish green building materials, house wares, fixtures and finishes to help customers make their homes and businesses more healthy, energy-efficient and eco-friendly. ‘g’ Green Design Center’s franchise company serves homeowners, designers, architects, and building professionals, as well as businesses, organizations, and institutions with a full array of green materials and services.

What do you think of the Green Life Smart Life Project to date?
Green Life Smart Life is a fascinating project helping to bring visibility to green building which is what our company, ‘g’ Green Design Center is all about, so we are very pleased to play a part.

What interested ‘g’ Green Design Center about participating the project?
The project gives ‘g’ another opportunity to showcase our products. Placing them in a home that is slated for LEED certification is the best possible way to show off their aesthetic and functional attributes. For example, having Marmoleum in the mudroom with our FSC-certified cabinetry enhances the natural beauty of both products, while demonstrating their durability and practicality.

Where does ‘g’ Green Design Center see green building and design going in the next 5 years?
Green building will become the standard in the next 5 years. It will no longer be the fringe interest of a select few, but rather the norm for how buildings should be constructed – with eco-friendly materials, in an energy-efficient manner, and with the healthiest materials in our homes and offices, to create a better environment indoors and out.

What challenges do you see ‘g’ facing in the evolution of green building and design?
Our challenges are keeping our niche market and growing that in the face of mass market growth. We believe ‘g’ will continue provide more in depth knowledge and customer service, as well as be able to stand behind our products as truly green – no green washing here. This will help us retain and grow our core customer base.

What type of resources does ‘g’ provide to someone building a new home?
‘g’ provides everything from insulation and ventilation of the building shell to all the interior finishes from counters to cabinets, lighting, paints, flooring and more. We also have a wonderful selection of housewares from bamboo bowls to kitchen accessories, sponges, cleaners and cookware. We are always expanding our product base which make this an exciting time to be part of the growth in green building

Anything else you would like to add about the green building and design market or the Green Life Smart Life project?
As I said, its an exciting time for the growth of the green building industry; one of the fews bright spots in the economy. At ‘g’ we are looking forward to being a key player in this growth through the development of our franchise organization. We are looking forward to opening centers and bringing accessibility of these materials and products to an audience across the country.


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