With Your Input, Smarter Green Nonprofits

One of the missions of Green Life Smart Life is to serve everyone with tools and resources to navigate through the sometimes confusing and complicated route of living a lower impact life. From our own projects and initiatives to the broader world of businesses and nonprofits looking to make a difference for our planet, sometimes it’s clear that we’re all in this together.

That’s why we want to point you in the direction of the 2009 Green Choice Awards, a project of the organization GreatNonprofits, which seeks to identify the best nonprofits according the ratings and reviews of everyday people. Kind of like Yelp, but for the nonprofit world.

For Earth Month, they’re holding a special contest to identify the best environmentally focused organizations and groups. The impact you can have is to share the experience — positive or negative — you’ve had with any nonprofit (small or large) working in the environmental space.

Having an impact can come in any shape or size, and one powerful thing you can do is put your two cents in about which groups are doing the best work.

Reviews for Green Choice can be submitted through April 15th and people submitting reviews are eligible to win earth-friendly prizes such as Fetzer Wines, Whole Foods gift certificates and more.

Posted by: Emilie Cole (Great Nonprofits)


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