Consume less Pollute less

So I was looking over the top 50 entries for the Greener Gadgets competition and I came across a pretty nifty concept. Ruhel Mohammed submitted his idea for the Guilty wallet based on the idea that consumerism is at the root of our environmental problems.

We just keep buying crap, and when we are bored with it or the newer version comes out, we toss and buy more crap. All of this adds up and sits in the dump. Even if you re recycling it, THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH! If we could all just chill out on unnecessary impulse buying, we could start saving money and the planet.

497f9a6970f24_med1These wallets are designed to make you think twice before spending your money and each one is based on one of the seven deadly sins.

Envy- Whenever you start abusing your envy wallet it displays nasty messages to make you feel bad about yourself, such as “I hate you, I need a new man”. Ouch.

Lust- This wallet will heat up to the point of discomfort if you start spending excessively.

Greed- This one is my favorite, you have to solve a puzzle or win a game in order to get to your cash. If you’re willing to spend the time on opening the wallet, then the purchase is worth it.

Gluttony-It seems the gelatinous substance on this wallet expands as you spend, and if you spend too much, it will explode. Ew.

Sloth- The more you use the wallet, the slower it opens. Eventually, if used to often throughout the day, it will start to smell bad.

Wrath- I think the more you use this wallet, the bigger its teeth get. Yep teeth. The purpose is to make you afraid of losing a finger whenever you reach for your credit card.

Pride- You upload your personal pictures to this wallet, and the more you spend the more distorted the pictures become. Losing your self image in the maze of consumerism… now that’s deep.

I really just like the wallets because I am super guilty of impulse purchases and if I had anything to make me think twice I would probably save myself a lot of money, a lot of closet space, and alot of the time spent trying to figure out where you can recycle a tomagachi, (dont ask).

Posted by: Ashley (intern)


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