Project Green A/V

Through our partnership with the CEA and our local installer, we are dedicated to making Green Life Smart Life a modern yet environmentally friendly dwelling.  Not surprisingly, some people tend to scoff when they hear about plans to combine the two, convinced that technology and green can never truly coexist.  Thankfully, we’re not the only ones determined to prove them wrong.

Project Green AV, based in New York, is a group dedicated to supporting and educating the A/V industry on environmental responsibility and innovation. 


In their own words:

Project Green AV is the comprehensive industry resource for Green information & ideas for the Audio Visual industry.  Project Green AV is committed to bringing together AV industry colleagues and consumers to learn about, discuss and teach environmentally responsible and cost-effective solutions for AV purchases, installation, new technology and projects. 

In addition to, Project Green AV distributes Newsletters, hosts webinars and leads forums and online groups to help promote environmentally responsible information and ideas in the audio visual and information technology industries.  Together with site visitors, subscribers and members of Our Community, Project Green AV turns Green ideas into Great ideas for our industry and our world.

We’re proud to have Project Green AV as a sponsor of the Green Life Smart Life project and continue to share common goals, interests and solutions to developing technology that is truly green and sustainable for our world.

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