Serenbe – The community bringing sustainability and “buy local” to a new level

In Rhode Island it’s easy to buy local. In a state that is approximately 1045 square miles and takes, at most, two hours to drive from the Northeast to the Southwest borders with traffic, you are essentially staying and buying “local” regardless of where you travel in the state. The eco-conscious can roam freely through South County and beyond with the peace of mind that you are putting your green money where your mouth is.

 Earlier this week, I was completely intrigued while reading an article on Serenbe (

Serenbe is a small high-end, rural community in Georgia (I have been unable to track down exactly how big it is). It was founded and subsequently designed to reflect the traditional principles of environmental sustainability – “Where the principles of sustainability touched everything from your home’s methods of construction to the organic produce on your table that was grown by one of your neighbors”. The community was founded by Marie and Steve Nygren in 1991 (the date of their home purchase) with a vision of an eco-community. Though the residential housing development itself is only four year old, Serenbe has welcomed more than 160 residents who have chosen to embrace the village’s sustainable standards of living and features over 100 newly built, environmentally friendly homes and business spaces. And while the rest of the country has seen a sharp decline in home prices, Serenbe residences boast a starting price of $350,000, well above Georgia’s median home price fluctuating around $200,000. 

Serenbe is a high-end, high-tech eco-village that is thriving.

Check out the community’s site that reads “the best reason to live here is the life here”. If you are not hooked immediately than you are probably crying “cult”, however the tranquil music had me at hello. With one click beyond the landing page, I was hooked; I was planning a visit, visiting the farmhouse, and planning my wedding (no, I’m not even engaged!).

Serenbe, (appears to be) the green Utopia.

Posted by: Katie

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  1. Serenbe is a high-end, high-tech eco-village that is thriving. agree with you.

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