Getting Paid for Gas Guzzlers


So I’m jealous. Over in Germany citizens are getting paid to get rid of their cars so they’ll go out and buy some new fuel efficient ones. LUCKY! I would hand over my tin can in a heart beat if Obama was handing over the sweet mulah!

But lets think about this…because its actually pretty genius. People scrap their hunk-o-junk polluters, and they get money, (across the pond they are getting 2,500 euros). That takes more gas guzzlers off the road. Then the people take said money either keep it and ride a bike or use it as their down payment on a shiny, new, more feul efficient car. Now the economy is happier because people are spending and the car factories will need to keep up so nobody is losing their job. Auto sales went up 21% in Germany for February while sales in the UK dropped 22% according to Ecogeek, and apparently its been an all around success.

So they are getting paid to scrap crappy cars, helping the planet, and boosting the economy! I’m in! Its worth a shot.


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  1. Works for me… but then I do buy junk cars…

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