Need to get away? Green tips for vacationers

It’s about that time. Time for snow to end, the temperature to spike, and say “bye” to winter. Who’s with me?

As our trusty office manager heads off to a tropical location this week, I thought I’d ask my good friend, Google, about some vacation ideas for the green-friendly. Found some great ideas on “Top 10 Green Vacation Ideas“, more like tips and tricks, but you get the idea.

“How can you reconcile that with the desire to take a well-deserved honeymoon, romantic getaway, or annual vacation? Below are 10 green vacation ideas that can make a difference without requiring a huge sacrifice. (So don’t worry; I’m not going to tell you to go camping instead of checking into a real hotel!)”

Some of my favorites from the article:

Using public transportation and the Swiss Train System. Actually, I think I’ll put that trot on the burner until I need to escape from 80 degrees and sun rather than the cold. But, great idea!

Volunteer vacation – I am completely intrigued and have put it on my “To Do” list. I’m sure I can find a destination to combine my vacation and new year’s resolution to revive my Spanish somewhere… and, more importantly, help.

“Put your money where your beliefs are” by seeking out eco-friendly hotels. No, we are not talking hostels (not that there’s anything wrong with that), we are talking beautiful, comfortable properties that put more than a little extra thought into the resources and materials it uses. Nantucket is on my list of places to go and just found a beautiful little hotel near “downtown” Nantucket.

Last, but not least, remember that it is just as important where you don’t go. Be aware of and respect fragile environments, particularly rainforests and remote beaches. They are exotic and wild for a reason.

…now speaking of beaches, where’s the sun?

Posted by:: Cold in Rhody, Katie


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