Green Building Perspectives: Accoya® by Titan Wood





We recently announced our latest building partners on the home. This week, our Green Building Perspectives come from one of those new sponsors, Accoya®by Titan Wood. Titan will be outfitting the home with some of the most beautiful FSC certified decking that we have ever seen. The company’s great commitment to sustainability and their determination to provide builder and homeowners alike products that are eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing.

The folks over at Titan took some time out of thier busy schedules this week to answer a few questions for us.

What do you think of the Green Life Smart Life Project to date? What interested Titan Wood about participating in the project?
Titan Wood has enjoyed being a part of the Green Life Smart Life Project, and we have been very impressed with the progress. Working with the homeowners, Kim and Joe, has been a pleasure as they are very committed to achieving a green home that will be a great model for others to follow. The architect, Laura Krekorian has been very helpful in moving our particular project forward and we appreciate all the dedication from all parties to complete this green home.

We are very excited about being a part of this project because it is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with a dedicated group for a great cause. We are pleased to be associated with others that have a desire to ensure a better environment through the use of green products like our Accoya® wood.

Where does Titan Wood see green building going in the next 5 years? With an ever increasing awareness of the environmental impact of the things we do and the materials we use, the popularity and necessity of green building is set to increase. In fact, a recent McGraw Hill Construction survey revealed that homeowners are willing to pay an average of $18,500 more for homes which make use of green products. Green building is not just a trend; it is quickly becoming the standard.

How is your company evolving to address green building?
The increasing focus on climate change and sustainability has led to a rapidly growing demand for high-performance products which can help combat the effects of global warming. Titan Wood is uniquely positioned to benefit from this change in principles and practices. Wood, such as our Accoya® wood, helps reduce climate change when used in place of other more energy-intensive products such as steel or plastics. In addition, wood building materials sequester carbon for the life of the product, which happens to be 50+ years with Accoya®. Distinguished by 50 year durability, dimensional stability, and reliability, Accoya® wood is produced using an environmentally-friendly process and serves as a true alternative to products which are produced using toxic chemicals or unsustainable resources and is set to become the material of choice for exterior applications.

What challenges do you see Titan Wood facing in the evolution of green building?
There are many unexplored market opportunities for Accoya® wood; in fact, the opportunities are almost endless and limited only by imagination. With that said, however, we, like all products, must compete in an economy where every cent of expenditures will be heavily scrutinized.

Do you think green building will ever dominate your business?
Titan Wood and our parent company Accsys Technologies PLC is proud to be a market-leader in the green building materials sector and strives to continually develop technologies for a better world.

Anything else you would like to add about the green building market or the Green Life Smart Life project?
Green Life Smart Life has done a tremendous job of illustrating that beautiful, inviting, and comfortable homes needn’t be detrimental to the world around us. We are pleased to take part in this project which will surely serve as an educational tool for many years to come.


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