Ecopreneurists Wanted

We’ve heard the spiel before – the economy is in a recession and business has slowed to almost a halt.  What’s an entrepreneur looking for a new business idea to do?  Look for new opportunities in the green marketspace, for starters.  That’s what one Cape Cod area company is offering – in the form of a franchise opportunity for a green home retail store & showroom.

The ‘g’ Green Design Center is has announced franchise opportunities for eco-minded individuals looking to open a responsible business.  ‘g’ Green Design Center, focused on providing a user-friendly experience to going green, is a combination retail shop and showroom on a mission to provide customers with all they need to create green, sustainable environments that are both beautiful and responsible to our earth.  Currently offering franchises in 29 of the 50 states, ‘g’ hopes to attract passionate entrepreneurs interested in joining the growing environmental movement.

 “‘g’ Green Design Center is the first franchise business model of its kind,” said Nicole Goldman, owner and founder of ‘g’.  “A ‘g’ franchise is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to take their personal interest in the green revolution to a professional level using our successful business model. Franchisees will become the go-to local company for sustainable building and design.” 

‘g’ serves as a one-stop shop, containing items that range from green building materials and home improvements to lifestyle products.  With a commitment to make going green a simplistic process, the flagship store, located on Cape Cod in Mashpee, Massachusetts has grown into a position as a community leader providing affordable and accessible materials under one roof.  With continued success in the marketplace of environmentally conscious consumers, ‘g’ Green Design Center offers the opportunity to capitalize on a growing industry.

Franchise businesses can be very lucrative, even in a time of economic struggle,” said Goldman, “Green has gone mainstream and it is hard to ignore the benefits and advantages for businesses to be leading the way.  Market research indicates that by 2012, the green building market is expected to double to 12-20 percent of the current market share, or $40 to $70 billion.”

 Operating under the umbrella of the ‘g’ brand provides franchisees with a recognizable entity in the highly-fragmented, fledgling eco-friendly marketplace.  As part of the franchise, members will benefit from adopting an existing business structure that has been tried and proven.  ‘g’ franchisees will receive extensive training that covers areas such as green building, purchasing and point of sale, sales and merchandising, marketing, employee management and growth and community development.

For more info on the ‘g’ Green Design Center and how to become a franchisee, visit

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