Good for the planet, Good for you, Good for the tastebuds

strawberry_shakeI stopped into the newly opened Emporium Nutrition yesterday on the URI Campus to visit my fellow Thai boxer Bev. She makes these super healthy shakes that taste like a Fribble from Friendly’s. Chocolate peanut butter banana…yummmm…

Ashley focus. This isn’t a food blog, this is a Green blog.

Of course this post isn’t about shakes, this post is about the cups that the shakes come in. Being the eco-concious entrepreneur that she is, Bev decided she would make her shakes as guilt free as possible, inside and out. She uses Fabri-Kals Greenware cups which are made in the U.S., entirely from plant material, and 100% compostable. Fabri-Kal doesnt stop at green cups. They make all kinds of Greenware food and drink containers, and I will happily try any food or drink that comes in them. Somebody please explain to me WHY these arent used EVERYWHERE!?

Props to Bev for her eco-friendly and body-healthy business endeavor! And her hard-core round kicks.

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  1. Thanks for the plug on our Greenware products – we are striving to continue moving our traditional disposable plastic products from petroleum-based to bio-based. Spread the word, tell your friends and business associates that the new plastic wave has started; you are a part of history!!
    JK – VP Marketing, Fabri-Kal Corp.

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