g Green Design Center

At the beginning of the month I wrote a post about Green Depot, and I thought I would fill you in on another place to check out when greening your pad. g’ Green Design Center is a green building supply showroom and design center. I love to spread the word about these places because I think that they are going to be what makes a significant impact on green living by making green shopping consumer friendly and easy. Sometimes people (myself included) want the work done for them, and making green shopping easier will make the whole movement pick up momentum in my opinion. They have a great website to poke around in and are intent on making green building and design easier for us average Joe’s. Yay! It’s easy to navigate and each product has a description telling you how it works, what it is, and why it’s green. Skimming through their long list of products I was most impressed by all of the building materials available, including kitchen countertops, cabinets, flooring (wood, carpet, and miscellaneous other options), insulation, roofing, deck supplies and windows. When it comes to alternative and renewable energy ‘g’ keeps it local by recruiting contractors and installers from the neighborhood. Yay again! We love local! Building materials aren’t the only thing you’ll find at ‘g’, they also sell wall coverings, HVAC, lighting, home decor and goodies for yourself! All of it eco-friendly. As of right now ‘g’ has one location in Massachusetts, but they are working on expanding (hopefully soon to Lil’ Rhody!). We will definitely keep you posted!

Published by: Ashley (intern)


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