Wasting electricity? Google it!

Not sure if you left the oven on? Google it! Recently I discovered the awesomeness of Gmail, and Google calendar, and I found a new little tidbit to look out for. The Google Power meter will allow you to monitor your homes energy consumption from wherever, whenever.  I have expressed my love of monitoring devices in prior posts and I truly think they help, especially in a money saving capacity (by the way, mint.com is my new OBSESSION. I know this is a green blog, but money is green too!). So here’s how it’s going down.

Thanks to our new president about 40 million homes are expected to be upgraded to smart meters in three years. A smart meter is an advanced electricity meter that can give real-time feedback on energy usage in the home. The down side to these smart meters is that they don’t display power usage to the homeowner. Google thought that was whack so their plan is to hook up with national and state governments to make this information available to us and to whomever we want it to be available to. Some Google employees  have been testing out the prototype for this project and their testimonials talk about how the Power Meter helps save money, track bad habits and what’s going on when you aren’t home, even saving one apartment from going up in flames. The utility companies will of course have real time access to your energy usage as well. And what with technology moving the way it does it’s only a matter of time before we can adjust our energy usage from our Google Power Meter account…as well as the utility company. This would give us and utility companies amazing capacities in saving money and reducing our huge ass carbon footprint. Even though the utility company possibly having control over how I spend my power is a wee-bit big brother to me, for now I’m very excited to be able to see how it works. Thanks to Electronichouse for the heads up! 

Posted by: Ashley Gee


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