Organic Sea Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

In teaching my children to eat things that are better for them, I strive for a nearly organic diet. But I admit when it comes to baking some things simply do not translate well. I have however, perfected a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that are the embodiment of everything a chocolate chip cookie should be – crisp outside, chewy inside and the ideal balance of salty and sweet. I tweeted about them a couple of weeks ago and got some requests for the recipe, but I’ve been tweaking it. This, in my opinion is about as good as it gets. Happy baking; happier eating.

Things you need:

A good mixer: can’t explain it but it just goes better this way.

Unbleached, all natural parchment paper (Whole Foods has this in their baking aisle)

Pizza stone – I’ve baked on both aluminum baking sheets and a stone – their is no comparison.

Preheat oven375 degrees


Add the next five ingredients to the mixer and cream on low

2 sticks (1 cup) Kate’s Homemade Sea Salted butter

1/2 c. dark brown organic brown sugar packed tight

1/4 c. light brown organic brown sugar packed tight

3/4 c.  organic cane sugar

1 1/2 tsp  free trade REAL vanilla

Add 2 organic brown eggs, 1 at a time until fully mixed

In a separate bowl, add 2 1/4 plus 1 tbsp of organic unbleached flour (you can substitute 1 c. wheat flour if you choose, the flavor changes beyond that)

3/4 tsp baking soda plus 1/4 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp sea salt coarsely crushed in a salt mortar

Sift the ingredients together and then add to creamed mixture with mixer running at low in 1/2 c. increments until fully creamed and super tasty.

Add 18 oz of organic dark chocolate chips to mixer and beat gently

Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls to stone and bake for ten minutes. Leave on stone to cool for 2 minutes before moving to wire racks.

Eat them while drinking a cold glass of organic skim milk.

Email me to tell me if you agree with my recipe.

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4 Responses

  1. I like this recipe but do you know a simplier one?

    • Sorry Tony, I don’t know how to simplify it. I find that making them in the mixer as opposed to a hand held mixer allows me to dump and go and if I use the unbleached parchment paper clean up is quick and I can move between baking sheets pretty fast. Good luck! Kim

  2. Does anyone know where to get organic baking ingredients?

    • Ingredients can be found in the “organic” aisle at any of the large supermarkets. I get all of my ingredients from Whole Foods, I find their selection adn quality to be the best. I really like the Kate’s Sea Salted butter and the 70% cacao chocolate for this recipe. Happy cooking! Kim

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