Now Showing: Five movies that make you want to save the planet.

A couple weeks ago I got my weekly newsletter from Mother Nature Network and they had put together a list of the 10 Best Eco-Disaster movies of all time. So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and make one of my own. I am a huge movie fanatic, but I stick to more of the glass half full kind of movies. And while my list isn’t all about Eco-disasters, it still has some entertaining flicks that get me a little amped when it comes to doing right by Mother Nature.

Of course an Inconvenient Truth is at the top of the list. It’s a little depressing but super informative. And with Al’s big pretty pictures and charts it’s great for convincing non-recyclers and SUV joy-riders.

Nobody ever really realizes it but Erin Brockovich is a great Eco-flick. Julia Roberts is just your average hardworking single mom who fights for a job at a law firm and  destroys obstacles on her way to stop the evil chemical plant from poisoning the planet and the people. Its even based on a true story, proof that anyone can make a difference. You go girl.

The Happening was a little bit lame, but I still liked it. Usually M. Night Shyamalan has some crazy twist ending that blows your mind, but his solution to this one is ‘the trees did it’. Now for movies in general that is disappointing. But from an Eco point of view, wouldn’t it be nice if the trees could fight back? Which brings me to my next choice…

Lord of the Rings! I just love it when the Ents kick some Orc ass! Again playing on the whole Mother Nature fighting back, I know I might be reaching to have this on an Eco-flick list, but I am a nerd and I love this movie. Visually the movie is all about beautiful landscapes and nature and you cant help but get a little pissed off when the Orc’s start cutting it all down.

My next pick is another not so awesome movie, but with an awesome premise. Idiocracy makes a statement about overpopulation and the effects it could have on man kind and the planet in a perversely comedic way. Basically its the future if only morons reproduced. The movie points out that the morons don’t recycle and have to live in their own filth. I think overpopulation is the biggest issue we have on this planet and even though the movie wont go down in history as the most influential, at least its saying something.

You’re probably reading this thinking Oh wow I’m never going to her house for movie night, but these are just what get ME off the couch and ready to battle the forces of evil and pollution. How about you? What movies get you off the couch and pumped to save the planet?

I wonder if Captain Planet will be hitting the big screen anytime soon… just kidding.

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  1. Love LOTR, but you’re forgetting (probably) the best eco-movie of all time: The Simpsons!

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