“It’s not me, it’s you”- How to feel great about breaking up with old electronics

So I have had this broken camcorder in the corner of my bedroom that I used once before it broke (nothing like a nondescript error message to explain the problem), a couple of old cell phones, broken iPod, and I’m sure some other useless pieces of electronic nonsense. What is a girl to do with such things? Well Gazelle.com has come to the rescue. This awesome website takes your new, used, broken, and old electronics off your hands. Now you’re probably thinking, “if I felt like paying and taking the time to ship all this crap out I would have put it up on eBay by now”, but hold it right there. If Gazelle doesn’t pay you (yep, as in money) for what you send them, then they recycle it for you. They have a strict zero landfill policy so none of it ends up in the land fill. On top of paying you for your junk they will also pay for the shipping and if you’re eligible they provide the box. If you can’t find your product on their website, don’t fret. You can send them a little info about it and they will give you a personalized estimate and you can still make some sweet mula. If you have a bunch of gadgets to get rid of, say from work or a school, they got your back. You can even make money for referring people to the site. This, if you think about how many friends you have that change cell phones as often as they change their underwear, should be pretty easy. When you send your product in they make sure to remove any trace of your personal information from it, and you can get your money via check, PayPal, or Amazon Gift Card. They can make you feel even better about yourself (if you so choose) by donating your earnings. They even provide some advice on how to break up with our current electronics:

“Gazelle is making it easy to make some extra green while going green this Valentine’s Day. Breaking it off with your old electronic products isn’t easy, but with more than 235 million tech gadgets getting the cold shoulder in American households since 1980, it’s more important than ever to “dump” your clunkers responsibly. Here are five tips for telling your old gadgets, “I’m just not that into you” with Gazelle:

1. “I’d still like to be friends.”– If you have decided to upgrade your LCD monitor or PDA, practice reCommerce by reselling or recycling it rather than leaving it in your junk drawer. Gazelle makes the process as easy as Netflix by calculating offers for gadgets quickly and by providing shipping labels and packaging for all eligible items.

2. “I am afraid of commitment.” – If you are a serial upgrader with a need for the latest and greatest MP3 player or digital camera, Gazelle can help subsidize your purchase. On average, Gazelle pays about $115 for unwanted gadgets via check, PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or charitable donation.

3. “I just need some space.” – If you have thousands of pictures, movies and MP3 files to store, Gazelle will not only help provide some cash for a more spacious device, it will also ensure that all the personal data and information will be securely erased from your old cell phone or laptop.

4. “You’ll be happier with someone else.” – If you are ready to upgrade, but your current gaming console or GPS device is still in working condition, Gazelle can help extend its life via reCommerce. Gazelle will help find new users for your items by selling them on other retail or wholesale outlets.

5. “Look…. It’s over.” – If your camcorder or external hard drive is broken beyond repair, Gazelle can help recycle it responsibly. With the Gazelle’s zero landfill policy, users can rest assured that their gadgets will not be sent to a third world country or pollute the environment.”

They want us to dump our stuff on Valentines day! That’s a little harsh.


Published by: Ashley (Intern)


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