Max the Little Green Monster

Anyone who knows me might be thinking, wow, she just called her son a monster. Yes my 2 year old is named Max, and no, he is not a monster. His favorite book however, is entitled, Max the Little Green Monster. The book, which is part of the Little Green Books collection (a Simon & Schuster publishing; they have a nice list of books with eco-friendly lessons here), is produced from recycled materials and is one of my Max’s favorite stories. It is the journey of a little monster who wastes water, electricity, toilet paper and tosses his trash around until one night, while watching TV, he loses power. Max (the Monster) goes outside to see what is going on and discovers just how beautiful the world is. With each new page he enjoys new activities while sharing great lessons with kids about not wasting the world’s resources, watching TV or even drinking soda pop. In the end Max is known as the Little Green Monster for the way he reduces, reuses and recycles.

I highly recommend this book for your kids!

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