Pella HurricaneShield Windows are rated for wind, sun, rain and greenness!

Today is a big day around the Green Life Smart Life build. The first delivery of Pella’s HurricaneShield Windows arrived on site this morning. Despite the frigid temperatures and yesterday’s snowfall, everything went on as scheduled. The great guys from Pella came by to give our building crew a tutorial on how to install these new HurricaneShield windows. Although Pella’s HurricaneShield brand has been around for a couple of years, today’s install marks the first for the newly redesigned windows.

Windows were a tough spot for us in terms of our LEED points. Because we are building in Rhode Island, on the water, we are required by the state to install Hurricane rated windows to protect us from the Northeast’s volatile weather patterns. Finding a window that can withstand 120 mph winds, while being aesthetically pleasing AND being green was difficult, but Pella came through for us.

The redesigned HurricaneShield window integrates the bracing system into the checkrail of the window. The hardware is still there, but it is invisible. With the old design, the bracing system was on the interior of the window, creating an unsightly view. Below is a side by side of the old design and the new one.  


The HurricaneShield windows that are being installed as we speak are tough as nails. As required by state code, they must withstand the force of an eight-foot 2X4 being shot out of a cannon at 50 ft/sec. Their unique bracing system ensures that the energy from a direct hit on a window, whether it be a piece of wood, tree branch or the neighbors mailbox, is displaced throughout the window and the major shock is absorbed by the home’s framing. To achieve impact resistance, the HurricaneShield laminated glass is created by sandwiching a structural polymer interlayer between two sheets of glass. The interlayer provides the strength, as it holds the pane of glass together if it’s shattered, preventing damage and injury that can be caused by wind, water and debris entering the home.

The Pella Corporation has been building their products using green building practices for years and years. All Pella products use third party-certified and/or FSC certified wood and 100% recycled aluminum. Waste materials are turned into sawdust, animal feed and more and sold to other companies. In addition, the HurricaneShield Low-E insulating glass meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines in all 50 states. It blocks out nearly 100% of harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, carpet and window treatments from fading, while retaining the “good UV rays” to help heat the home.  

Be sure to check out our Gallery for some great photos of the first window being installed. Click here to watch the video of the first window being installed.

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  1. I can’t believe your windows need that level of protection even from hurricanes! The most important think in the english market at the moment is thermal ratings and reducing heat loss – a 2 x 4 force to withstand isn’t exactly on the agenda!!!Take a look at the site below if you are interested in A rated windows and thermal heat loss through windows etc

    best regards

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