Green Depot

I just found a blog post on about Green Depot opening a new store in New York and I’m wondering, when do we get one? This place looks pretty awesome, I poked around the website and now Iwant to completely renovate my living room. The site divvies up its products between commercial and residential and they have everything you might need for fixing up around the house, or starting from scratch. Carpeting, wall paints, heating/cooling, lawn/garden, lighting, wood, cleaning, flooring, the list goes on. When you check out a product there is a brief listing as to why its green, so you’re background check is a little bit easier and they also give a little blurb about the company that makes the product as well as the products uses. Green Depot was founded by Sarah Beatty in 2005 and Carmen Arguelles hopped on to help in 2006. They have stores in Boston, Brooklyn, Greenport, Newark and Philiadelphia, but none in Rhode Island! Hopefully they’re working on that…

Published by: Ashley (intern)


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