Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth 15

As Abby and I were getting ready for bed last night we were talking about the things we can do to help others. Abby decided that helping the animals at our local animal shelters (per Abby) in particular the cats,  need our help. We went through a list of things we could do to help:

1. Bring in old blankets and towels; this also reusing things that could end up in the waste stream

2. Make pom poms from extra yarn (we learned this at Daisy Troop this week) but if you take two piece of cardboard and make them into a donut, you can wrap extra pieces of yarn around them nice and tight until they are covered; when its done, use scissors to cut the yarn off, tie it in the center and voila a pom pom perfect for a cat to bat around.

3. When you are at the store, pick up an extra bag of cat or dog food or kitty litter and drop it off at your local shelter.

4. Volunteer you time, many shelters are looking for volunteers and are even willing to let children come in if you are willing to stay and lend a hand. Just call your local shelter to find out what they allow and how you can help.

For other ideas, go to

Kids helping the animals make the earth a happier place!

posted by: Abby age 5 1/2


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