You put the polypropylene in the coconut and mix it all up…

I have never tried to get into a coconut. They are not delicious to me and I lack the patience and muscle required to knock one open. However we all may be driving in one someday. Some groovy guys from Baylor University wondered where something such as coconut husks could be used other than falling from trees and knocking people out, and considered its capabilities as a composite material. Well golly gee it worked. Granted they had to mix it with polypropylene to make it work, they managed to turn it into a lightweight, strong, and unflammable material that works pretty well for cars. It has been used as trunk liners, floorboards and car-door interior covers. They make up for the polypropylene use when you consider that using all the extra coconut husks from other countries will help stop the spread of malaria and help coconut farmers make some extra mula. You can find out more at ecogeek or msnbc.

Published by: Ashley Gee (intern)


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