The Problem With Convenience

Before bottled water, there was…..well, what was there?  Before we began harvesting huge amounts of toxic producing plastics to store our beverages, how did we survive?   The truth is, bottled beverages are a matter of convenience more than anything else.  And in some instances, they are simply unavoidable.  Take the airport.  As a frequent traveler, I am constantly faced with the no liquids through security dilemma which, while I understand the security precautions, can be very irritating.  I own a variety of travel mugs and eco-friendly reusable water bottles but I am not allowed to take them into the airport.  So what is my solution?  Buy a bottle of (exceptionally overpriced) water from the Hudson News stand.

I would be more at ease with this solution if I was able to recycle the bottle easily, but I’m not.  Not all airports provide proper recycling containers and (she cringes) many, many glass and plastic bottles, as well as paper goods, are thrown in the trash and sent to the landfill.  Last Wednesday, while preparing to land on an early morning flight from Baltimore to Providence, I took deep breaths as I watched every single item of waste on the plane go into the same trash bag (evidently Southwest doesn’t care about our planet as much as they claim to) and promptly deposited into a trash receptacle.  Newspapers!  Water bottles!  All going to the dump.  Sigh.

Our local coffee haunt is just as guilty.  Handing out countless paper cups a day, there isn’t a single recycling option in site.  (Kim hassles them about this on a regular basis.  I just bring my travel mug.)

So while it is best to avoid bottled beverages altogether, sometimes, the convenience factor ranks higher than the green one and unless all businesses join us 2009 and learn that there is only a finite number of places we have to store trash on this planet (and even smaller amounts of air space left for all that methane to absorb into…), plastics, paper, glass will all sadly head straight for the landfill. 

Posted by: Ashley  / ashleyatcaster on Twitter


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  1. Are you sure you can’t bring an empty water bottle through airport security? I’ve done this across the nation and never had a problem. If TSA won’t let you bring a bottle through, how about filling your empty travel mug at the water fountain, once you get through (and then lobbying to change your airport’s policy, as so many airports have)? Good luck.

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