Green deicing salt can help a lot more than the environment

Considering the weather over the past month I can bet that there have been enough slip and falls on ice to fill an entire episode of Americas Funniest Home Videos. Of course we all pull out our bags of deicing salt and sprinkle away, even though most of us know it’s bad for our plants, cars, water and pets. If  Spot gets some of the salt stuck to his paws, the harsh chemicals can cause blistering if gone unnoticed, making go fetch awfully uncomfortable. The national research society found that there is 10 million tons of deicing salt used on roadways each year; never mind what we use at home or our businesses. So let’s cut Mother Nature a little slack and try some of these eco-friendlier versions of deicer that I found at

Ice Clear De-Icer, Bare Ground Deicer, Enviromelt, Earth Friendly Products Ice melt, and Magic Salt.

Or you could always not salt the driveway and set up a camera to catch your next visitor do their first split! Its funny until they sue you.

Published by: Ashley (Intern)


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