New website helps keep it local

I want to shop green and local, I really do, but how am I supposed to find these places? What!? There is a website dedicated to helping you find local products and services that are eco-minded you say? Tell me all about it!

And tell you I shall. is a website for those those of us who arent in the know when it comes to buying locally and buying green. It is the combined effort and info of GenGreenNational Geographic Green Guide, and Just go to the website, type in your location, and pick a category. There are 21 different categories like business and services, education, green events… The website tells you who provides what youre looking for in your area, where they are located, their website, and there is even a profile in case youre not sure if its what youre lookin for.

Now Rhode Island doesn’t have an awful lot, but it could come in handy when you’re away from home and are looking for some organic treats. And the more local/green businesses that become aware of this website can apply to be a part of it and add some more options.

Thanks for the heads up Sustainablog!

Published by: Ashley (intern)


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