The Green way to Energize: Exercise

Most likely you or somebody you know has made exercise their new year resolution. Or maybe doing your part to help the environment is top priority this year. What if you could do both at the same time? GreenUpgrader clued me in on the Green Microgymwork it! in Portland, Oregon where this is possible.

This gym has taken a number of smart and simple steps to minimize its impact. Considering the ridiculous amount of energy used to keep a gym running, and the ridiculous amount of energy people use trying to burn off calories, it only makes sense for the gym to invest in Human Dynamo exercise equipment. Basically these bikes harness exerciser’s energy to help power up the gym. Maybe this would help push those of us who aren’t so motivated…for example if you slack the air conditioner turns off.

The SportsArt Fitness treadmills in the gym use 30% less energy than what you find in the average gym. The “Burn and Earn Card” is a program set up to encourage people to use the machines. When you use any of this equipment for an hour, the gym gives you a dollar. After you have racked up $10 dollars on your card, you get that amount towards Green Microgym water bottles or food at the gyms cafe (a nice thank you for helping them power up the gym).

On top of the power pinching equipment, owner Adam Boesel has added solar panels, and recycled cork flooring. Adjusting the light and temperature depending on who is in the gym and minimizing space helps to keep energy consumption down as well. As far as I know there aren’t any gyms such as this in Rhode Island, which gives me a great excuse not to go to the gym… “Its bad for the environment”.

Published by: Ashley Gee (intern)


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