Saving on your energy bill can make you feel warm and fuzzy!

It’s a never ending conflict for me that I love snow and I hate being cold. It’s also so annoying that I want to turn the heat up but I don’t want to spend that extra money. It turns out that 1/3 of the average Americans bills are dedicated to heating their homes, and every degree you turn the thermostat down is 3% off your energy bill. Let’s see if a handy dandy list of heating hints help keep the costs down and the temperature up.

1. Take care of your heating system! Change filters, check ducts, seal up  holes. If there is a black smoke billowing from the thing, check that out too (trust me, I know). You can check out the manual too for some maintenance tips.

2. Beware of a crack attack! I live in an older house and can feel the cold air seeping in from cracks the windows and doors. Door snakes for the door, and some nice heavy curtains for the windows help keep the cold out. However, when the sun is out, open the curtains and let it shine on in, it will help with the heat.

3.Invest in a snuggie.

4.Programmable thermostats can be set to heat up the house only when youre home. You can put in your schedule and voila, you’re not heating an empty house.

5. Use your ceiling fans! I know it seems completely contradictory but if you reverse your ceiling fan then it will push down all the heat that rises, keeping it on your level.

6. Turn down your water heater. It hurts me to say it since I take showers molten temperatures, but its better for your hair, skin, and budget.

7. Try keeping your thermostat at 68° or lower. You’ll live. NOTE! Don’t just go cold turkey and try to live in arctic temperatures…it’s uncomfortable and your pipes will freeze and burst, (trust me, my Grandma knows that one).

8. Give your heat registers some space. If your couch or your bed is up against a heat register, then its blocking all your heat.

There are lots of new innovations in terms of heating your house, but these you can do basically on your own and without much money. Thanks to the Green Home Guide and EcoLocalizer for the tips!

Published by: Ashley Gee (intern)


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