Portland named the Greenest City in the US for 2008

For the second year in a row, Portland was named the number one city in sustainability according to Sustain Lane’s 2008 US City Sustainability Rankings.  Called a “role model for the nation,” Portland wins just about every year and for good reason.  When the rest of the country was thinking about strip malls and commercial development, Portland was focusing on sustainability.  In the 70s, when President Carter adorned the White House with solar panels (which were subsequently stripped off and sold at auction by President Reagan – thanks for that one!), Portland enacted strict land-use policies, implementing an urban growth boundary, requiring density, and setting a strong precedent for sustainable development. 

The yearly review of all 50 states, started in 2005, takes into account a city’s use of renewable energies, local food resources, clean air and water policies, sustainable transportation solutions and building development (to name a few).  Which cities found themselves on the bottom of the list?  Las Vegas, Oklahoma City and Mesa, AZ all for their lack of local food sources, air pollution and unsustainable urban development.   Vegas may want to rethink those fountains at the Bellagio if it ever hopes to climb to the top of the charts.   Not surprising are number 2 and 3 on the list, San Francisco and Seattle, WA respectively. 

However, number 5 on the list is none other than the Big Apple – say what you will about the subways in New York, those who dwell within the city limits rarely pollute the planet with their carbon spewing cars and the city has plans to reduce their emissions by another 30% in the next few years. 

The world needs more Portland, Oregons. 

Posted by: Ashley / ashleyatcaster on Twitter


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