Wolverine Going Green

If you are a little bit of a nerd (like me), or a Hugh Jackman fan (yowza), then you have probably already seen the new trailer for X Men Origins: Wolverine. Yes, yes, it is very awesome and action packed and I am super excited to see it a little over five months from now. But I found a little tidbit at ecorazzi.com that officially makes it the coolest movie of the year with or without Hugh.


While in New Zealand, (where they filmed a large chunk of the movie), the production team decided to participate in a trial run of a program called Zero Waste Productions. It was a success! The movie shoot diverted about 94% of its waste and saved roughly $55,000 by taking these simple steps to help reduce the films impact;

  • Setting up recycling systems in production offices, workshops and on set.
  • Posting recycling information on daily call sheets.
  • Sending food waste to local farmers for stock feed.
  • Confidential documents and printer cartridges were recycled.
  • Setting up water dispensers to refill water bottles.
  • Catering service using reusable plates and utensils.
  • Special effects and construction materials reused and recycled, (i.e. donated to local drama clubs)


Hugh was quoted, “It’s great to be a part of a project that benefits the local economy while looking after the environment. The cast and crew really got behind this initiative, and we are proud to be a part of the new generation of sustainable filmmakers.” Eco-friendly is the cherry on top of this hunk sundae!


Posted by: Ashley Gee (Intern)


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