5 Days to Christmas…Don’t forget about your four legged friends!

With only 5 days until the jolly old man in red comes shooting down the chimney, don’t forget about spreading the green holiday cheer to your four legged friends. You know, the ones who bring you so much joy, and the occasional slipper every now and then. For many people, their pets are like children – especially when they don’t have any. My dog is getting spoiled this year. We have gotten her BY FAR more presents than everyone else on our list combined. Even though most pets don’t understand the concept behind “green” (that is of course you are talking about the Greenie dental bone!) there are still many ways that you can go green for youpd-red-bone-xmas07-lg favorite four-legged pooch.

  • Actions speak louder than woofs. Planet Dog gives away a percentage of their profits to dog charities. Help them on their mission by giving your dog a Planet Dog Big Red Bone this Christmas.
  • American Kennel Club‘s Green Planet Collection is designed for eco-friendly pet owners as well as pint-size pups. Not only safe for your dog but also the planet, the line makes use of recycled materials: plastics, polyester stuffing and cardboard.
  • Created using recycled cardboard, paper, old cartons, woodchips, shavings and sawdust, the Prrounge Chaise Lounge from eco-designer Elizabeth Paige is strong enough for any clawing kitty, yet cozy and comfortable for long catnaps too. The corrugated texture provides a surface that is soft, breathable and durable for scratching. All adhesives are nontoxic.

    ‘Joy to the World’ is what your dog would sing if he received this doggie-durable, buoyant and bouncy toy under the tree from Planet Dog. It’s irresistible to dogs and the eco-conscious, because it’s made of nontoxic ingredients and is 100% recyclable.

So go ahead – spoil your favorite pet this holiday season. We all know you are going to anyways! Now you can give them the world and help it at the same time!

Posted by: Lauren


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  1. Nice tips! thanks for the valuable info. Time to go check on my doggiee 🙂

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