Shades of Green. How Green is Your Family?

I’m a 33!!! There are obviously different “shades of green” that a typical family can be. One thing we are trying to accomplish with the Green Life Smart Life Project is to inform others that you don’t have to live off the grid and wear 100% organic clothes to be green. I found this cool quiz at BabyZone that rates your family’s “greenness”.  While it isn’t a comprehensive assessment, it does pose some very interesting questions that make you think about what you and your family are doing to help reduce your footprint.

Some of the questions they ask are what kind of washer and dryer you use, what kinds of power outlets you use, electric or gas stoves, and hand washing dishes versus dishwashers.

There are many resources out there that can help you and your family monitor your energy consumption and environmental footprint. I suggest that if you have a few minutes, that you take a look. They are fun to do, and definitely something you can get your kids involved with. Remember, no one is asking you to change your lifestyle completely, but if we all do the little things to help the environment, we will all be a lot better off in the end.

Posted by: Lauren


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