Top 3 Coolest Eco-Friendly Buildings

1. For all you Lord of the Rings fans…

This house holds a strong resemblence to the dwellings of the Shire. It was built by a couple in Wales who were strapped for cash and wanted to keep their iwoodland-house2mpact to a bare minimum. Between using what they found in the nearby woods and what could be recycled from the trash they managed the  supplies to build this woodland home for a family of four. Simon Dale is a freelance photographer and designer and he built this home using a hammer, a chainsaw, and a one inch chisel. With help from family, friends, and a couple of strangers, the home was ready in four months.


2. For the homeowner who loves Heineken…

So the Buddhist monks from Thailands Sisaket province built their Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple almost entirely out of over a million recycled beer bottles. I found a post about it at, where you can find more pictures and an interesting tidbit about Heinekens’ past venture into beer bottles as building blocks courtesy of



3. Beijing Bubble…water-cube

This has to be one of the coolest looking buildings ever. The Water Cube’s design is based on the shapes that soap bubbles make and was used for swim events in the 2008 Olympics. The bubbles were rigged with a myriad of colorful LED lights, causing what looks like an underwater rainbow. Even cooler than how it looks is how it works, for more info on its eco-friendly advantages and more pictures check out this article at

Posted by: Ashley Gee (intern)


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