Unique gift alert: Green bags… I’ll take one in red.

Maybe not as hot of a topic as Joe Paone’s “Used Rubber USA” green gift idea, but definitely a little less risqué. The cutting-edge Swiss company Freitag allows online shoppers to create one-of-a-kind carrier totes made out of ALL recycled materials including used truck tarp, used airbags, used seatbelts and used inner tubes of bicycles. This gift is over the top! (Shameless plug for my favorite 80’s trucker movie.)


The Freitag bags are available in various styles including messenger bags, backpacks, sports bags, and other “successories” including laptop carriers and iPhone sleeves. The Swiss company ensures top-quality, standards the Swiss are known for (really?) and the bags are tough, functional, water-resistant and, best of all, made to order.


Visit the website to design a bag. Simply select the style you want, browse the available tarpaulins, and drag/rotate the stencil that corresponds to each side of the bag. Mix and match or keep it simple.  But they warn you: You are responsible for the design. If it looks ugly, it’s your own fault!











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