When Santa Turned Green – Best Holiday Book for Kids

When Santa Turned Green

When Santa Turned Green

There is no way you are done with your Christmas shopping, so I have something for every kid on your list.

When Santa Turned Green by Victoria Perla with illustrations by Mirna Kantarevic.

Sure to be a “green” holiday classic, this charming book tackles what happens when Santa comes face to face with global warming. That’s right, Santa finds a leaky roof that is being caused because the North Pole’s melting. Santa and his team realize they have to make a difference and turn things around because not only does this mean the end of the planet, but Christmas too.

The book has beautiful images alongside its tugging message; and to keep things green it is printed on 100% recycled paper with soy ink. It is only available at FAO Schwartz. Go online at www.FAO.com and find it here: When Santa Turned Green. Price: $15.95

When buying one for your list, consider buyingone more and donating it to your local town library. Budgets are tight and this would be a gift that gives and gives.

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3 Responses

  1. I bet the same people who thought Happy Feet was global warming propaganda for kids are going to come after this book with all their might. Still, I bet it’s a fun read.

  2. […] When Santa Turned Green – Best Holiday Book for Kids « Green Life Smart Life – Even Santa's an environmentalist! I'm definitely buying one of these for my nephew since it looks like an excellent way to introduce the ideas of global climate change and activism to children. […]

  3. Oh! My friend introduced me to this book. My children love it.

    Another green and fun (and cheap!) activity is Bob the Builder. Has anyone heard of it? I just found that the show is having a presale with discounted tickets. Go to the link below and use the code BOBV.


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