Season’s First Snow Falls on Green Life Smart Life

Cold Gray Day

Cold Gray Day

We are behind schedule. Despite building as many times as we have, we always fall behind schedule. It is simply the way building goes.

Living in RI, weather is a big factor. Spring means rain, lots of rain, endless rain, gray skies and cold , cold days. There are days we break 100 every summer, not a lot of them but they happen and they often come in threes. Early Fall is gorgeous but it can also mean hurricanes and as we slip closer to winter, it means snow. Being down by the water it actually means sleet and ice more so than snow. So we went out to the house to see how wet it was with the mix of rain and snow.

When I woke up Sunday AM, it was snowing, not a lot but enough, and the forecast for this week is more flurries, then temps that hit 59 degrees and lots of rain, followed by plunging temps and snow at the end of the week.

Not a great forecast for skiing or for building a house that has no roof or second floor. I’m hoping this does not put us too far behind schedule, but it probably will.

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