Press Day – Part 1 of Infinity

Today we had our first round of press interviews at the job site. It was a nice day, upwards of 50 degrees, but still cold since we were standing out there for quite a bit giving interviews, posing, etc. GLSL Press Day
Among our press guests today were Jason Knott from TecHome Builder magazine. Jason is based out of Massachusetts (although he’s a Trojan’s fan) and a really great guy – very knowledgeable about the tech industry and how it pertains to building. He had lots of great questions and insights and will be covering the project on an ongoing basis as it progresses. Jason also told us about a great book called The Mayflower & The Pilgrim’s New World by Nathaniel Philbrick that chronicles some great history surrounding Southern Rhode Island, the Narragansett Indians and King Phillip’s war. I’ll definitely be adding that to my reading rotation. Gotta love the Little Rhody history!

After Jason we hosted Sarah Traver from the Narragansett Times. Sarah may have been handed the story that morning, but she did a great job of taking copious notes and asking great questions. She could have dressed better for the weather, though. I felt bad the whole time watching her politely try not to shiver.

Lastly, we were paid a visit by Mark Shieldrop from the South County Independent. Mark was great – young and energetic and very enthused about our project. He gave us some great insights and is looking forward to covering the project during the entire building phase.

On hand to speak with the press were Charlie Milot, Joe Obin and David Murtough from Pella (Pella has been so extremely helpful through this whole process we can’t thank them enough), Bob Leonard from Merchant Construction (our builder) and Rob Sherwood from Conservation Services Group (our LEED consultant/verifier). NOT on hand and MIA was our architect, but she’s forgiven since she had unavoidable kid duty today.

Now we move on to national press. Stay tuned for LOTS more…

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