FSC Wood Delivered and Doing my part to keep the economy humming

The project is moving along we have had lots of wood delivered, but though I received my Chain of Custody codes with my paperwork, I was quickly saddened when I could not find the logo stamp with FSC. I called National who told me they’d look into it. A few hours later, they called back, my wood was stamped and my next load would have it.

Here’s my FSC wood that makes me feel like I did something good.

FSC Wood on site

FSC Wood on site

Here’s my contribution to the world today:

1. With this project I’ve created jobs in a down economy.

2. I’m buying supplies and services which keeps businesses with orders and cash flow.

3. I’m diverting contruction waste as opposed to dumping it the central landfill (driving jobs at the recycling plant and better for the earth by recycling materials I could write on or wear next year, who knows)

4. I’m helping families understand what they need to tackle to build a green house.

5. I’m helping RI builders learn how to build a green house.

I’m getting smarter (mostly).

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