LEED Innovation & Design Monthly Meeting

We have our all team LEED planning, innovation and design meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Up until now, we have been managing exactly what we needed and providing it to the sub contractors in conjunction with our architect and landscape architect in individual meetings. Tomorrow, we’re meeting with our LEED AP, Contractor, Architect and Landscape Architect.

I have so many questions, such as:

1. Why does LEED-H prefer FSC wood over SFI wood? Is it a conspiracy or is it like Coke vs Pepsi?

2. We have so many detailed building plans. We have extensive product lists, we have framing documents, we have building codes. How are these different from cut lists? Anyone feel like we’re being redundant and maybe wasting to much paper in documentation?

3. Why are there so many resources for green products? How do you know who is telling the truth? See the Coke vs. Pepsi reference.

4. What does LEED consider Innovative Design? (See #5)

5. Can I have extra points for a work site stop smoking program?

6. Why does Compact Development get such a weighted consideration verses other categories? Why am I so annoyed by this?

7. Sometimes I feel like zoning has to take precedent over green building. I feel guilty about it. Is that wrong?

8. Is it true that I can get 2 points for having three CFLs in my house and one point for having a walk off mat at the entrance? But I get no points because my garage connects to my house even though I live where we have blizzards and I have to run the car for 20 minutes burning fossil fuel just to see out the window and get to work?

9. How do you stop people who don’t get being green from being so agressive because you want to be green? (Not really a LEED issue, more of a personal one but I’m thinking of it like group therapy).

10. How can we make this easier? No, really.

I have a longer list than this, but this is the top of it.

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