Excuses, Excuses for Not Getting Greener

An article I read recently at Recyclebank.com asks its readers to think of their own ‘what ifs’ pertaining to going green. The first thought that came to my mind was, ‘what if’ people stopped making excuses? I have heard excuse upon excuse as to why someone doesn’t recycle, or why they don’t need to worry about global warming. Here are the top 4 excuses that I can’t stand:

Excuse #1: “Humans aren’t causing global warming, it just happens naturally. What we do won’t matter.”

I hate this one. People hear any reason to not put in the tiniest effort and they jump all over it. Even if it were true that humans didnt accelerate the natural climate cycle by about 600 years, even if all of the damage we have done to this planet really didn’t matter at all, taking care of the planet is still better than abusing it! It’s sad that I actually have to point this out to people. What about when we run out of feul? Won’t you be happy somebody thought to find an alternative? What about when we run out of room for our garbage? I would rather sort my trash than live next door to it.

I found this interesting peice at ecogeek.org, that proves that you can’t really put your trust in everything you hear from both sides. But you can’t deny the world is healthier if we all try.

Excuse #2: “Recycling sucks up more energy and causes more problems than just dumping your garbage.”

Nice try. There are flaws, but Popular Mechanics did all the work and debunked that claim, among a few other recycling myths. Basically it takes far less energy to turn something into what it already was, rather than starting from scratch with raw materials. So much less that it makes up for the extra energy put into the extra pick ups for recycling and then some.

Excuse #3: “Going green is too expensive.”

There are people paying us to recycle!! Recyclebank is a company that gives you rewards based on how much you recycle. Companies like Target, Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond (among many, including local businesses) have teamed up with Recycle Bank to provide rewards in the form of coupons or gift certificates to those who recycle. The more you recycle, the more you get. Connecticut has jumped on board and if you want Rhode Island to join then contact your local garbage guru’s in charge and fill them in, here is the South Kingstown contact info or find your town here.

And lets not forget the little tidbits that save us money. Americans dedicate 1/3 of their energy bill towards heating the home. For every ONE degree you lower your thermostat, thats 3% off of your bill. If your house has old doors and windows get a door snake, they are inexpensive or you could even RECYCLE an old shirt and make your own. Check out Realgreengoods.com for gadgets that can help you save on your electric bill.

Excuse #4: “I’m going to die before it will matter to me.”

To this one I respond, “OH MY GOD YOU’RE DYING!”, and if you even have to have to think about why it doesn’t matter to you, then it’s too late, it matters.

Posted by: Ashley Gee (Intern)


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