How Much Does it Cost to Build Green? We’re under $170.

One of the big questions we are encountering while building the Green Life Smart Life house is how much will it cost. As per Joe’s earlier post, the house that garnered LEED Platinum certification in Minnesota costs $869 sq/ft. We’re going for a more real world approach. Right now, with nearly all estimates and budgets in place, GLSL is hovering right around $170 sq/ft. As we move through the project we will provide updated budgets so homeowners can undertsand what the cost of green looks like.

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One Response

  1. That’s always the most important question any homeowner or potential homeowner asks themselves.

    The great thing now about building green is all the options people have. Many homeowners are opting for prefabricated green homes, because they are usually substantially less than traditional green homes, primarily due to the fact that the production process is much faster.

    There are some really great options out there for anyone deciding to go green


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