Three cheers for little Rhodey…

To many Thanksgiving is more than family, food, and football, it means travel. Rhode Islanders can feel a little better about jumping into their cars to see loved ones, or while dreaming green in a turkey-induced state of coma.

New York Times reports that Environmentalists Cheer RI Court Decision as the Ocean State is now the third state, behind VT and CA, to win a federal case against several automakers, including DaimlerChrysler and General Motors. Federal court Judge Torres wil uphold the state’s right to seek stricter greenhouse gas emissions standards than those set forth by the US government. Though this ruling has no immediate impact on the automakers, it is the first stance for RI (and third country-wide) to demand higher government standards to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future. Many environmentalists are hopeful that President-elect Obama will provide greater support the states’ efforts to raise standards; efforts that have been thwarted by the Bush administrations’ processes by requiring a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency. Hopefully it will pass before Abby has her license!

Another interesting note regarding the impending bailout plan of automakers, is that several other environmental groups are urging Congress to make one of the conditions of the government’s bailout of the automakers be that they drop lawsuits such as these.

RI environmentalists, cheer!


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