Abby’s Blog Post: Kids Helping the Earth Post 7

After a long Thanksgiving Day, I was putting Abby to bed last night and we got to talking about Christmas. Admittedly, to my children, the passing of turkey day marks the onslaught of Santa’s arrival. I had to laugh at Abby’s suggestion on how she could help the us have a “greener” holiday season.

“I could give my old toys (the ones I don’t really play with, but not my favorite toys) to kids who dont’ have toys and then I could get new ones, like the princess tent I want. That would be recycling.”

Yes Abby, it would, but this one kind of misses the mark.

I suggested maybe we could have Santa’s elves make us some earth friendly toys or get us things we really need. She suggested, “Like the Arctic igloo blow up tent?”

Well yes, I suppose in some place that would contitute housing and thus a “need”.

I’m not sure if this concept is going to compute.

posted by KDL on behalf of Abby age 5


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