Green Gift Idea: Recycled Iggle-wear

My favorite kind of recycled clothing is the cool stuff I’ve always found at thrift shops (I guess I’ve been a little “green” all of my life!). But here’s a twist for those looking for a less musty experience: clothing made partially or wholly of recycled materials. Maybe it’s a marketing scam, maybe it isn’t (the stuff sure is pricey, relatively speaking), but my beloved Philadelphia Eagles are offering four items as part of a “Go Green” line. 06-813_front1The T-shirts are made of 69% Pre-Consumer Recycled Cotton. One pair of socks is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, while the other is “Hypoallergenic, natural fiber, and bio-degradable. 75% cotton.” 1057-01_31And for the amateur arborist in your life, you can even plant a tree in the Eagles Forest!

Now if only we Iggle phans could recycle Andy Reid’s stale playbook and personnel philosophies, we’d be onto something.

Posted by: Joe Paone


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