Abby’s Blog Post: Kid’s Helping the Earth Post 6

Today was my mom’s dad in my classroom. My school doesn’t recycle, and this aggravates my mom, so she tends to talk to my teacher about it a lot. Mom and I came up with an idea to help get Narragansett Elementary school to start recycling. We decided to smart small so we’re going to bring cardboard boxes from my  mom’s office home this weekend and my brother Max and I are going to color them, write each of the grades and the teachers on them, and mark one for paper and one for plastic and bring one to each classroom.

My mom is going to call Narragansett Rubbish to pick up the recycling, but said she won’t be phased (huh?) if they say no. She’ll have bake sale and sell her best ever organic dark chocolate organic brownies (with or without nuts) to raise the money.

She’s kind of on a mission right now.

posted by Abby (age 5 1/2)


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