3 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day – We have a First Floor

We may not be the fastest home builders in the country but I can certainly say we are the most diligent. Exactly 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 1 day after we bought the house in Narragansett. We have a first floor, or I should say, most of a first floor.

Friday we took delivery of our first floor system (below) and the guys worked through the short daylight hours of a “northern east coast end of fall” day to get half of the first floor system in.

Wood Delivery - Day 1

It might not be much but I am excited.

Our first delivery included our AdvanTech sheathing and flooring. According to the manufacturer, Huber Engineered Woods, “AdvanTech is manufactured to be environmentally friendly. We utilize small, fast-growing tree species and use the process waste to fuel our facilities. In addition, we have implemented the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program throughout all our wood procurement operations. The program incorporates company-wide procedures and policies that meet or exceed SFI performance measures for wood procurement and timber harvesting activities.”

AdvanTech helps us in multiple areas of LEED: Indoor Air Quality, since AdvanTech is GreenGuard certified to low formaldehyde emission standard ANS/HPVA HP1 where composite wood cannot contain urea-formaldehyde. Sustainable forestry: though LEED sites a preference for FSC certified wood, we are going to apply SFI’s stringent guidelines alongside Hubert’s own sustainable forestry practices to allow credit for using AdvanTech. Since AdvanTech offers significant building advantages in our location, such as water resistance and tensile strength, we felt we couldn’t ignore its overall advantages for the sake of points. Last, AdvanTech should help us with optimizing our energy performance in LEED-H.

Merchant Construction of Narragansett is the home builder and though this is their first LEED-H project, it is their second project building to the standards of ENERGY STAR. Merchant’s other project was on Block Island (great place to spend a summer day if you ever plan to come visit). You can see the guys hammering in this picture and you can catch a full view of the sky hovering over their backs.first-floor-framing2

There is a certain cold that comes to RI when the weather changes. It bites your skin when the wind blows off the water. Their hands were chapped red after the day on the job. We have no doubt the weather will be a challenge as we build over the next few months, but to live here means loving the cold and the snow as much as you love the summer heat and warmth of fall.

We’re going to be posting about the project more frequently now that we’re finally in the building phase; and though I hope we don’t get a blizzard it would make for some cool photos.

Also, our website will be launching on Tuesday, so check out www.greenlifesmartlife.com for other details about the project, our family and what we have and will be going through.

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