Boston Convention Center Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk – GreenBuild 2008

This being my first GreenBuild I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Would there be a bunch of tree hugging hippies in tie-died hemp clothes manning tiny booths and peddling all things hemp? “The GAP is evil, grow your own clothes, man!” Or would it be bunch of giant petroleum companies with even more giant booths trying to convince us that oil is the new green? “Who needs hybrids, look at how much gas prices have come down!” Turns out GreenBuild wasn’t much unlike any other trade show I’ve been to save one thing; recycling. I’ve never seen so many recycling bins in one place in my life. It was like GreenBuild threw down the guantlet and said, “if you want us to have our little shin dig here you better change your earth killin’ ways”. (Go back and read that sentence again, only this time say it out loud using your best John Wayne voice. Better, right?)And you know what? The Boston convention authority complied – big time. There were bins for all things plastic. Bins for all things paper. Bins for compost and other mixed recyclables. And of course regular old trash. (These bins were consistently the most under used from what I could tell.) In case you weren’t sure where to throw your organic cookie wrapper there were “Waste Wardens” and “Compost Concierges” manning many of these recycling stations showing you the proper way to recycle. It was truly an amazing site to behold.

If that wasn’t enough, the food court went green for the occasion as well. Many of the food offerings were organic and it was impossible to find a bottled water on premisis for sale. (Plenty of aluminum soda cans, though.)

Kudos (Remember those granola bars? Man those were good. Do they stll make those? Are they “green”? I digress…) to the Boston Convention Center for going green for GreenBuild. Hopefully they’ll keep it up.

Meanwhile across the street at the Build Boston show in the Boston World Trade Center it was another story entirely. No real sign of green going on here save for a few companies making green products. Those companies got a special green ballon in their booth that said “green product” on it. It was kind of pathetic, really. Oh well – you can’t win ’em all.

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6 Responses

  1. I love your parenthesis digressions… read Joe’s blog posts will give everyone a little insight into his brain 🙂 xo

    very cool about GB & their commitment to using as little waste as possible. I’d be interested to know what the energy usage was in the building though….

  2. No doubt the energy useage was through the roof, but like I said…you can’t win ’em all. Overall, though, Boston’s a pretty green city (tee, hee, Irish…green…Boston…) Lots of green initiatives going on there.

  3. […] organic, recycling It did not take much for the Boston convention center to start it’s own green practices.  Setting up recycling station was a start.  This shows that their are little things that we […]

  4. it always surprises us the wide variety of people who roam the aisles at Greenbuild. The best part was that they had volunteers teaching you which of the 5 bins to put your waste in. Although we recycle at home, sad to say we needed help to sort it all out there!

  5. […] I also look forward to seeing how the conference itself and NESEA commit to sustainability as GreenBuild did late in 2008 at the same […]

  6. […] I also look forward to seeing how the conference itself and NESEA commit to sustainability as GreenBuild did late in 2008 at the same […]

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