You’re busted! Auto execs definitely not green.

With all the bailouts going on recently, maybe you were excited about not only owning some banks, but also a piece of the great American auto industry. As of last night, it doesn’t look like we’ll all be GM, Ford and Chrysler owners and if you’ve jumped on the Green wagon, maybe you’re ok with that.

Especially since to get themselves in front of Congress to ask for a piece of the bailout pie, each of the three chief executives took a ride on a private jet.

According to a 2006 article in USA Today, jet engines emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, soot and water vapor into the air, causing greenhouse gases that trap heat and contribute to global warming. And those pretty cloud-like trails they leave in the sky actually add cloud cover and can ultimately contribute to the warming of the planet.

So to you auto execs, I say BUSTED! Next time, maybe the nice execs at Toyota will loan you a Prius.

Posted by Molly/MollyatCaster on Twitter


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