What I Learned at GreenBuild

Here’s my list of what  I Iearned at GreenBuild 2008 today:

1. Green products need “nutrition labels” so consumer and designers and architects and builders and pretty much anyone in the universe can understand their greenness.

2. TODL.com has over 200k product listed for their greenness degree. This of course is in direct competition with GreenSeal, Athena, Bees, Sweets, and about a dozen more that may approach it differently. So, good luck with that.

3. Green2Green.com is cool network for sharing info among green building businesses.

4. Greenwalla.com has started a new social networking site. It is pretty cool; do we need more? I don’t know but I LOVED their “what is locally grown in your area this minute alongside recipes to cook with” feature. I will use this.

5. LEED 2009 is whole new standards, so if you’ve been studying, pass by January or you are screwed and you have to learn a ton of new stuff.

6. NAHB Rating System is trying desperately to launch their rating program. No Platinum for them, their top level is EMERALD. (get it, it’s green and a precious stone…that’s right LEED they one -up’d you)

7. 77% of consumers think a company is green because they recycle. SNAP!

8. 73% of consumers think a product is green because it comes in a  recycleable package – yup, don’t matter what it is, if you can recycle that box; heck it’s a green product. Nail polish remover, bleach…

9. The US consumes 10% more electricity than it did 5 years ago, 100% of consumers polled think they use less electricity.

10. There are 17 cell phones sold every second around the world.

11. 40% of the waste that goes into landfills annually in the US comes from building construction.

12. When polled, 54% of consumers said they wanted a green home; yet only 28%  could name a green product; get’s better, ONLY 7% could name a green BRAND!

13. Consumers will by green if they feel safe and secure if they are buying it; happy too. Happy is good.

Ok, anyone else wondering why residential green building accounts for less than 5% of the market? Time to kick the hippies out and bring in the MBAs.

My goal tomorrow, learn some positive facts that will grow my business.

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