Little Handprints in Green Concrete

max-places-handsTuesday the concrete floor (30% fly ash!) for the garage was poured. The concrete guys said we could show up at 10:30 AM and it would be ready for our kids to put their hand prints in. Not so much. We showed up and the concrete was still being poured. Needless to say it wasn’t time to be sticking our hands in soupy concrete. Unfortunately, Kim and I had to go to NYC for a CEA event so we were going to miss putting our own hands in the concrete next to our kids. We left our kids in good hands with our nanny and Ashley to take over and go back in a few hours after the  concrete had some time to cure. Unfortunately when they went back at 12:30 the concrete was still not ready. Max was, to say the least, confused as to why he couldn’t stick his tiny hands in the sticky concrete. Finally everyone came back at 1:30 and the concrete was ready to the point that my kids had to get their innocent little hands pressed into the concrete because it was starting to harden.

abby-places-her-handsSomehow, and without injury, the kids managed to make their mark on our garage floor.

So the trick to getting kid’s handprints in hardening concrete is body weight. Since the concrete can’t be too wet or it will sink and not retain its shape, timing the moment of imprint is as important as the final result. Since kids are light they don’t have the strength or force to imprint their hands. If, however, you get them in a mostly vertical position the weight of their body pushes their hands deeper into the cement. Hold them still, get the memory photo, and pull them back. A stick makes a handy writing tool for signing the moment. Here’s ours!


by JMH – Follow me on Twitter: joesommelier


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